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Total Solar Eclipse August 2017

It all happened rather quickly. "Hey, what are you doing on Monday?" was the question from Greg Lesher and Bryan Moulton on Saturday, August 19th, 2017. "How about driving to Chicago to pick us up? We want to go see the Eclipse, wanna go?"

48 hours later, having driven 587 miles to Boonville, MO we were able to experience something that's so spectacular that it kind of changes something in you. Despite having 5 different cameras shooting video and stills, it doesn't do justice to the spectacular color and light show of a total eclipse. This short animation shows (not in real time) the 2 min and 40 seconds that we spent in the totality of the eclipse.

Here's a video I shot in real time of the crowd that we found ourselves in at a park in Boonville...

This still photo doesn't capture the intense colors of green and purple light that formed a fiery wreath around the moon.

Can't wait for 2024 to see it again! Book your hotels way in advance!

Eclipse Tips

Go see it somewhere there are unlikely to be clouds... we almost missed it!

Also, don't be afraid to take some fashion risks....



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