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Flying-T Flies Again

I'm not much of a sailor. I had a few lessons when I was 15, but I've sailed enough on Wisconsin lakes to get around and have some fun. A family friend had a 16' catamaran similar to a Hobie cat that was sitting in a garage not being used. It was in very good condition despite being built in the mid 70s. The company that made the "Flying-T" was based in Rice Lake, WI, but went out of business not long after the boat was built. There is very little information online about this model, and anything that breaks, will have to be custom made.

Despite that, I've gotten a great deal of enjoyment out of sailing it and it's now berthed close by, so I sail whenever I can.

The boat is currently on a chain of lakes and it's difficult to get enough wind to make to down the channels between the lakes, so I've been working on a solar recharging electric trolling motor rig for when there is no wind. You can kind of see it here with the motor tipped up...



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