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Drone Photography Challenges

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

A while back I bartered for a very nice drone. It's a Yunec Typhoon H Hexacopter. Here are some still photos I took of the Wisconsin Tober Rattler's stadium when my son was on the grounds crew. If you look close, they actually mowed/brushed an american flag in the outfield!

Here's a video from the day...

Here's an aerial tour of my cousin Sarah's farm. There is a high speed run in the middle of the video that gives you a sense for how fast these things fly. My model tops out around 40 mph.

Here's the most challenging video I've done. I'm riding the waverunner with the controlled attached to my waist. I launched the drone with it on shore and me in the water, set it to "follow me" mode and took the wavrunner out for a spin. The drone did great, but I was a nervous wreck!



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